United Series Season 1 2024 Group Stage

Finished Sunday, February 11, 2024 BO3


Lucky Bird


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Lucky Bird vs Hokori - team stats comparison - February 11, 2024 1:30 AM

United Series Season 1 2024

About a Match Lucky Bird Lucky vs Hokori HKR - 2/11/24

Lucky Bird and Hokori will play their next match on February 11, 2024 1:30 AM at the United Series Season 1 2024 Dota 2 Tournament

  • Lucky current streak is 3 loses and HKR 1 win.
  • Previously in current tournament before this match team Lucky had lost over team HKR 1 time, while Hokori had 1 victory over Lucky Bird.
  • Team Lucky will be represented by [A] ♥, steel-, BenjiMon, Looking for me?, ', xaoandresito, and Team HKR is by Nameless, Flapjack, trippie redd, Euphoria-, Webi wabo.
  • Lucky has winrate 20% in the previous 5 matches, and HKR is 40%.

Lucky Bird vs Hokori - current rosters

Lucky Bird Hokori
[A] ♥
Josué Montaño de la Cruz
BenjiMon, Looking for me?
Leonardo Jesús López Flores
Julián Carbajal
trippie redd
Webi wabo
Kendall Bustamante Prado