VALORANT Tracker: All You Want to Know

VALORANT Tracker: All You Want to Know

VALORANT is an extremely competitive FPS game and its players are always on the lookout for ways to improve their gameplay. Among the most popular tools, there is the VALORANT tracker. These trackers give you the detailed breakdown of your gameplay, statistics, and all the other things you need to see in order to realize your shortcomings. Here is the ultimate guide to understanding what exactly is a VALORANT Tracker, how it functions, and some of the best ones out there.

What does a VALORANT Tracker mean?

A VALORANT Tracker is a simple application that shows your statistics in the game in real-time. While the simple scoreboard that you can open with the “Tab” key is quite simple, a VALORANT tracker provides much more information. Here’s what it can do:

  • Compare Stats: See how well you are doing in relation to other players.
  • Match History: Record your win/loss ratio, kills, deaths and other factors.
  • Agent Performance: Review your performance with various agents and different maps.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Find out which agents and maps you are good at and which one you are not so good at.

How does a VALORANT tracker work?

VALORANT trackers work with the help of the game API (Application Programming Interface), that means that third-party applications can get access to your in-game data. When the Riot ID is entered, the tracker extracts information from Riot’s servers, assembles statistics, and creates reports. Some trackers may ask you to log in with Riot account to get more personal and precise information.

The Best VALORANT Trackers to Use


Among the most popular ones, Tracker.GG is one of the most frequently used. It is popular among professional players and streamers. It provides precise figures and helpful lineups for abilities on different maps and agents; thus, it is most helpful for players who play Sova, Viper, or Brimstone. Also, you can see the global and regional rankings to compare your results with other players, including professional VALORANT players.


Blitz.GG has a simple and elegant design of the UI, which is appreciated by many users in contrast to Tracker.GG. It is officially endorsed by Riot Games for adhering to their third-party application policies. Blitz.GG also has a highlight recorder integrated into the app, so you can watch important parts and show your skills on social networks. The free version of the game comes with annoying ads that may disrupt the game when playing it.

Is It Okay for Riot Games to Allow VALORANT Trackers?

Third-party trackers that have been approved include Tracker.GG and Blitz.GG are safe to use and will not get your account banned. Riot Games has been very vocal on the fact that they will not allow players to use unauthorized third-party programs that do not have API permissions. Thus, the trackers that are on Riot’s whitelist should be used.

One should not use multiple VALORANT trackers at the same time, as it may lead to various issues. While each of these trackers might be approved separately, using them simultaneously might activate Riot’s anti-cheat system and result in account termination. Do not use multiple trackers that are officially affiliated with your account to avoid compromising your account.


In conclusion, trackers are helpful tools for VALORANT players who want to enhance their skills. Through offering specific information and figures, these trackers assist you in finding out the weak points and optimizing the approaches, which puts you in a better position in the game.

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