Top Yuumi Counter Picks in LoL

Top Yuumi Counter Picks in LoL

For those who like champions with high mechanical skill, Yuumi is not very pleasant to face. Despite her rather basic and ‘pure’ skills, she can be a real pain in the neck, especially if she is combined with the appropriate carries. How many times have you witnessed her and her partner switching the game to the 2 on 8? I have been there done that more than once. In this guide, we will be focusing on the top three counters to Yuumi so that you can deal with her the next time she appears in your game.

If you are a beginner in League of Legends, you should read the article about counter picks. This will assist you in comprehending why they are crucial and how you can employ them to enhance your win ratio. It is also important to understand how the classes balance each other in LoL, so that you always have the right picks for each game.

Blitzcrank – The Best Counter

Of all the champions in the game, Blitzcrank is the best counter to Yuumi. With Blitzcrank, it is literally a “hook one, get one free” every time you use your Q. By taking out the first target, Yuumi will most likely fall with them.

Leona – The Meta Counter

Thanks to recent buffs, Leona has become a monster in the bottom lane, which makes her one of the best support champions. Her kit enables her to start fights and, similar to Blitzcrank, eliminate one target and then go for Yuumi.

Nautilus – The Blitzcrank Substitute

If you do not like playing with Blitzcrank, Nautilus is the best substitute for him. He provides more control of the crowd and has a good point-and-click stun with his ultimate ability. As long as your team can follow up with damage, Yuumi will be a cake walk to defeat.

Worst Yuumi Counters

Morgana – The Worst Matchup

Despite the fact that Morgana’s spell shield can interrupt Yuumi’s damage, Yuumi’s Q can easily penetrate through the shield if she stacks it up. While the game goes on, Morgana’s damage output decreases greatly, while Yuumi keeps on applying shields and heals to her allies.

Xerath – A Bad Choice

Although Xerath has a good poke range, Yuumi has enough abilities to ensure her ally’s survival during the laning phase. At a later stage of the game, Xerath’s poke will not be enough to kill a carry with Yuumi on them.

How to build an item strategy against Yuumi?

To consistently win against Yuumi, it’s important to consider itemization based on your champion’s class:

  • Bruisers: Executioner’s Calling, Chempunk Chainsword
  • AD Assassins: Serpent’s Fang, Executioner’s Calling
  • ADC Champions: Mortal Reminder
  • AP Champions: Morellonomicon, Oblivion Orb
  • Tanks: Thornmail

What Champions Counter Yuumi?

The three most frequently countered champions are Blitzcrank, Leona, and Nautilus. Other good picks are Alistar, Thresh, and Pyke.

Does Nami Counter Yuumi?

Nami can stand up to Yuumi because of her sustain and poke. It is mostly dependent on which ADCs are being used and how the trading is done. Nami usually has the upper hand at the beginning of the game because of her higher range and the ability to manage minion waves.

With these strategies and picks, you will have a higher chance of ganking Yuumi and ensuring your team’s win.

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