The best CS2 teams in the year 2024 | Top 5 CS2 teams

The best CS2 teams in the year 2024 | Top 5 CS2 teams

Today, as the CS2 competitive scene is still emerging, teams have had enough time to develop, as well as a new hierarchy was formed. The situation looks different now, although the control was in the hands of FaZe for the first months of CS2. Below, we list the CS2 top 5 teams in the year 2024 considering previous performances of the teams.

This list will be updated frequently to give you the latest information on the leading contenders of the CS2 market

5. Vitality

Deciding between G2 and Vitality for the fifth position, was very hard. Both teams have been very inconsistent in the first half of the year 2024 and G2 can be said to be slightly better off than the other team considering trophies won. But here, the deeper runs in the tournaments give Vitality the edge. Even though the team failed to clinch a trophy in 2024, they show that they are capable of going head and head with the giants of the game even though they are not as dominant as they were in 2023.

While the team has a lot of potentials, the performances of the players such as mezii and flameZ have not allowed the team to unlock them and even ZywOo has received criticism concerning his playoffs. However, Vitality is still a CS2 powerhouse with a goal of clinching silverware before the end of the year.


NAVI has had its highs and lows in the year 2024, but their victory at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is a standout achievement. Some people have doubted the regularity of their victories, however, this major victory puts them on the 4th position.

The performances of Navi are greatly affected by individual forms especially the awper w0nderful and jL who have experienced some good and bad days. Just as it has been said, NAVI is at its best when the players are in harmony with one another. They should be able to rank higher in the future due to the improved consistency of the results.

3. Spirit

At the beginning of 2024, it became increasingly apparent that Spirit was the CS2 powerhouse on the brink of completely eclipsing the competition. What I witnessed is their success at IEM Katowice 2024 proved that and was mostly due to the inspired play of Danil “donk” Kryshkovets. This is because Donk was ardent in his play style and the team was well set up for his play style.

But as the year continued, the response from Spirit was not as efficient as expected the whole year through. Some of the players such as magixx and zont1x were inconsistent this year, mainly due to the inability to perform well under pressure in the big tournaments. Nevertheless, having a young and attractive team, we believe that Spirit will be able to work out these problems in the process.

2. FaZe

Despite having the most entries to the Grand Finals in 2024, FaZe has only secured a win in IEM Chengdu 2024 only. The fact that they have been consistent in their performance to finals places them second on this list. Although not as dominant as they have been in the past years, FaZe still is a very strong contender in all the games that they partake in.

The incorporation of frozen has been a massive plus for FaZe who have been able to find a replacement for Twistzz well enough and introduce something new to the team. While they have not accumulated as many trophies as expected, there is no doubt that FaZe is a very strong team who will not be easy to defeat as they are very relentless and always recover quickly.


MOUZ now occupies the first place among the best CS2 teams in 2024. MOUZ has been unbeaten all year, and they have achieved this through winning ESL Pro League Season 19 and BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024. Although these wins are not the largest of the grandest, they suggest that even more triumphs are on the way for this young team.

The following factors help in achievement of MOUZ success. A teenage talented Jimpphat has such maturity at his age, while torzsi has shown rapid progress by the end of 2024. Brollan has gotten a new lease of playing at this team, and siuhy has shown that he is one of the best young IGLs in the world. These changes make MOUZ well-equipped to be a CS2 team for the next couple of years.

However, there are a few issues I have with them: They have been struggling against FaZe and in the biggest events, but MOUZ seems prepared to get over these humps shortly.

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