Can Skin Changers be Banned in VALORANT?

Can Skin Changers be Banned in VALORANT?

Having skins in VALORANT can be very beneficial to a player, especially when playing the game. These skins do not give any boost in the fight, but they change the looks of the game, which can make players come back for more combat. However, not everyone is keen on spending money to acquire these skins and instead turn to an alternative: skin changers. However, the question that begs an answer is— are skin changers banned in VALORANT? Well, let’s get started to know that.

What Are Skin Changers?

Skin changers are programs which alter game files to make it seem that the user has skins which he or she does not own. This practice has been adopted in other Riot Games games such as League of Legends where there is a community that focuses on it.

Riot Games’ Position on Skin Changers in VALORANT

Riot Games has a strict policy on cheating, which implies that any software that changes the game in any way is prohibited. Riot has not directly spoken about skin changers as they are just cosmetic but there have been cases where players have been banned for using them.

In other words, skin changers are against VALORANT’s terms of service because they modify the game files. VALORANT players can get skins legally and using third-party programs to get skins is against the rules.

The Risks of Using Skin Changers

If you have spent a lot of time and money in your VALORANT account, it is unwise to endanger it with skin changers. Not only is it against the policies of the game, but it also puts your account at risk of being banned for a long time. However, skins do not increase your ability to play the game; they are only aesthetic.

Smart Alternatives

But the best thing is to accumulate for the skins that you want. VALORANT is meant to be a balanced game created by Riot Games, and one of the aspects that makes it balanced is anti-cheat system called Vanguard. This makes it extremely hard for third party software to go around the security measures that have been put in place. Thus, even if a skin changer may work for a period of time, Riot is constantly fixing and updating their system.

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