VALORANT Unveils New TDM Map “Drift”

VALORANT Unveils New TDM Map “Drift”

VALORANT is set to enrich its Team Deathmatch (TDM) experience with the release of its latest map, “Drift”, drawing inspiration from Thailand’s iconic floating markets.

Slated for release on Dec. 5 with Patch 7.12, Drift promises a fresh gameplay dynamic, blending traditional elements with modern eSports strategies.

Revealed through a map trailer on Dec. 4, Drift features a vibrant design, echoing the cultural richness of Thailand.

Its layout bears similarities to several existing maps, including Breeze, Lotus, Split, and Haven, offering a mix-and-match terrain that caters to various combat styles. From predictable confrontations to random skirmishes, Drift aims to enhance both strategic play and reflex training for players.

Key to Drift’s design is its three-lane layout, akin to Piazza, District, and Kasbah, but with a twist in details and features.

The map boasts a visually stunning setting, complete with wooden buildings, a beach resort, and shore-based shops representing a floating market. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also introduces new tactical possibilities.

Unique to Drift are its isolated lanes, designed to facilitate more predictable combat scenarios, a departure from the interconnected lanes of its counterparts. A central feature is the detailed mid-section, complete with a zip line that connects these lanes, offering a blend of close-quarter and long-range engagements. Snipers and players favoring ranged combat will find this aspect particularly engaging.

New Team Deathmatch Map

Drift offers numerous wall-bangable spots, encouraging players to unleash their firepower with weapons like Odin or Ares.

When it comes to agent selection, the map’s layout favors a diverse range of playstyles. Duelists remain a solid choice for TDM, but agents like Sova and Fade can leverage their abilities for strategic advantage. Controllers like Omen and Brimstone can dominate in closed spaces, while mobile agents such as Jett and Raze are perfect for navigating the map’s zip line and mid-passages.

VALORANT Unveils New Team Deathmatch Map, DRIFT, Inspired by Thailand -  Gaming Cypher

While Drift is part of VALORANT’s casual TDM mode, where winning doesn’t yield special rewards, it serves as an excellent warm-up arena for ranked play.

Its design encourages players to explore different strategies and hone their skills in a fun and engaging environment.

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