Team Falcons Conquer ESL One Birmingham 2024: A Triumph in Dota 2 Esports

Team Falcons Conquer ESL One Birmingham 2024: A Triumph in Dota 2 Esports

ESL One Birmingham 2024, powered by Intel, concluded spectacularly at the Resorts World Arena, marking the largest Dota 2 esports event in Europe in six years.

This year’s tournament kicked off on April 22 with the Group Stage, featuring 12 of the world’s top teams. Amidst peak viewership numbers exceeding 327,000 and a live audience of over 18,000 during the final days, the stage was set for intense competition.


Group Stage Dominance

Team Falcons led the charge from the start, topping Group A undefeated. Notable performances included DreamLeague Season 22 champions Team Falcons and BetBoom Team, with the latter finishing a close second. The stage also saw strong showings from Team Liquid and G2.iG, securing vital positions for the playoffs.

Dramatic Playoffs and Lower Bracket Comeback

The playoffs were fraught with high-stakes matches. Despite a minor setback against Tundra Esports in the Upper Bracket, Team Falcons executed a flawless run through the Lower Bracket. They overcame formidable opponents like Team Liquid and OG and avenged their earlier loss to Tundra Esports with a commanding 2-0 sweep in the Lower Bracket Final.


Grand Final Showdown: Team Falcons vs. BetBoom Team

The grand final was a rematch with historical undertones, as Team Falcons faced BetBoom Team. The last group stage encounter between these two ended in a draw, but Team Falcons had previously dominated BetBoom Team with a 3-0 sweep at DreamLeague Season 22. The grand finals ceremony, complete with a live orchestral performance, set a grand stage for the showdown.
Team Falcons quickly dispelled any doubts about their championship credentials, rallying from an early deficit in the first game to secure a lead. They continued their momentum into the second game, overcoming early challenges to extend their lead to 2-0. The third game mirrored their earlier performances this year, as they completed a sweep to clinch the ESL One trophy.

Post-Match Reflections and Future Prospects

Post-victory, Wu ‘Sneyking’ Jingjun of Team Falcons highlighted the team’s hard work and the electric atmosphere provided by the fans. With this win, Team Falcons not only took home $300,000 and 6,400 EPT points but also secured their spot at the upcoming Riyadh Masters at the Esports World Cup in summer 2024.

ImageShane Clarke, Director of Game Ecosystems for Dota 2, reflected on the significance of returning to Birmingham, noting the passionate and loyal community that has supported Dota 2 esports through the years.

Clarke emphasized the historic and emotional connection to Birmingham, celebrating the city’s renewed place in the Dota 2 legacy.


ESL One Birmingham 2024 was more than just a tournament; it was a celebration of the resilience and growth of the Dota 2 community.

Team Falcons’ victory is a testament to their strategic brilliance and competitive spirit, promising an exciting future in the esports scene as they prepare for their next big challenge on the world stage.

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