Riot Games Unveils Stunning Clove Mural in Edinburgh: Celebrating Valorant’s Trailblazing New Agent

Riot Games Unveils Stunning Clove Mural in Edinburgh: Celebrating Valorant’s Trailblazing New Agent

In a vibrant tribute to Valorant’s latest addition, Riot Games has unveiled an enchanting mural of the 25th agent, Clove, in Edinburgh’s Leith district.

The street art, located at the bustling Quality Yard, blends seamlessly with the area’s rich tapestry of contemporary and traditional Scottish art, heralding a new chapter in Valorant’s diverse universe.

The mural’s reveal attracted a plethora of Rioters, esports aficionados, and local fans, creating a festive atmosphere around the new artwork. For a limited period, from April 3rd to 30th, 2024, the public is invited to immerse themselves in this artistic celebration and stand a chance to snag exclusive Clove-themed merchandise.


A Milestone for Inclusion and Diversity

This event holds particular significance as it follows Riot Games’ announcement of Clove, Valorant’s first non-binary agent, who boasts a distinct Scottish flair. The Edinburgh Eclipse Valorant Team, a beacon of local talent, was among the first to experience the mural, highlighting the community’s embrace of this groundbreaking character.

Alex Fung, President of the Eclipse Esports Society at the University of Edinburgh, shared his enthusiasm: “Having the opportunity to play Clove before their official release was a thrill for our team. It’s a profound moment for many of us, especially for those who identify as non-binary or LGBTQIA+, to see such meaningful representation in the game we cherish.”

Clove: A New Breed of Controller

Clove stands out as the sixth controller in the Valorant roster, introducing a bold, aggressive playstyle that breaks the mold. Their abilities not only disrupt enemy strategies but also offer a unique self-revival ult, adding a fresh tactical layer to matches.

The mural, crafted by renowned street artist Elph, encapsulates Clove’s themes of resilience and resurgence, enriched with animated projections that bring the artwork to life after dusk. Visitors who share their experiences at the mural on social media may be rewarded with a special Clove gift package, adding an interactive dimension to the celebration.

As Valorant continues to evolve, Clove’s introduction marks a pivotal moment in gaming, celebrating diversity, inclusion, and the power of community.

Riot Games’ artistic tribute in Edinburgh is not just a mural; it’s a statement, a celebration, and an invitation to explore the evolving narrative of Valorant’s world.

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