Riot Games and Unilumin Elevate 2024 VALORANT EMEA Season with High-Tech LED Displays

Riot Games and Unilumin Elevate 2024 VALORANT EMEA Season with High-Tech LED Displays

Riot Games has teamed up with Unilumin, a leader in LED display solutions, to bring a new level of visual excellence to the 2024 VALORANT Esports season across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

This partnership introduces Unilumin as the Official LED Display Partner for premier tournaments, including the VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA, Game Changers EMEA, and Ascension EMEA, enhancing the visual experience for fans both online and in-person.

Central to this collaboration is the Riot Games Arena in Berlin, now outfitted with 250 square meters of Unilumin’s advanced LED screens.

These installations promise to transform the arena into a visually immersive environment, making every match a memorable spectacle for attendees.

Unilumin’s extensive experience in lighting up major sports stadiums and entertainment venues worldwide guarantees a top-tier visual presentation for the VALORANT Esports EMEA season. Their commitment to delivering stunning visuals aligns with Riot Games’ goal of offering an unparalleled viewing experience.

Oscar Feng, Global Director of Unilumin Sports, expressed enthusiasm about bringing their state-of-the-art display technology to the VALORANT Esports scene, aiming to create an unmatched audio-visual experience for fans. Daniel Ringland, Head of VALORANT Esports EMEA at Riot Games, highlighted the significant enhancement of the fan experience through Unilumin’s LED technology, looking forward to an even more engaging season.

This partnership between Riot Games and Unilumin is set to redefine fan engagement in esports, combining innovative technology with the dynamic world of VALORANT competitions.

As the 2024 season progresses, fans can anticipate a visually enhanced esports journey like never before.

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