LoL Fans Outraged as Faker’s Hall of Legends Trophy Arrives Damaged: ‘Disrespectful and Embarrassing’

LoL Fans Outraged as Faker’s Hall of Legends Trophy Arrives Damaged: ‘Disrespectful and Embarrassing’

On June 7, the accomplished Faker was officially welcome to the League of Legends Hall of Legends by being awarded a plaque for ranking him among the finest players in the game. However, a sad point to note regarding the ceremony was that the trophy was Bentley damaged and fans expressed their anger.

This was evident with the spread of the video showing Faker accepting the trophy in Seoul, the close up videos of the awarded items prominently displayed. Evidently, some people pointed to a crack-like scratch on the side and another spotted what appeared to be a sign of fall during transportation. These imperfections began to go viral on social networking sites especially on the website of Reddit where fans shared feelings of disappointment and anger.

One highly upvoted comment summed up the general sentiment: “Honestly, there’s not much else that needs to be said here. […] Just being disrespectful and almost, well, pathetic; but that is what Riot has been becoming for a while now. ”

Criticism didn’t stop there. There were plethora of fans who opined about how Riot Games released a $450 skin bundle but seemed to overlook the importance of quality check in a significant award. Some of the horrible comments including, “‘We could not afford a good quality trophy before milking with the Ahri skin,” and “‘Sir, the trophy has dents and is scratched. Who cares? The skins gonna sell anyway,” another added.

However, this quick solution was intentionally made to correct the initial lack of representation that shook the community. After constantly using high prices for coins and skins, available for purchase in the game, not backing down from it, this incident was just another issue which the fans have had with them. But getting a new ‘set’ ship now that Faker has an untarnished trophy, the episode continues to be a black mark against the U. S. -based company.

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