Gross Gore’s Grand Return: Streaming Ambitions and Overcoming Challenges

Gross Gore’s Grand Return: Streaming Ambitions and Overcoming Challenges

In a bold move that marks a significant turning point in his career, Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen, a figure synonymous with both controversy and charisma within the UK League of Legends community, has announced his full-time return to streaming.

This time, his platform of choice is, signaling a fresh start away from the tumultuous past that led to his permanent ban from Twitch in 2021. Gross Gore opens up about his aspirations for 2024, his journey to Grandmaster, and his plans beyond the game.

A Fresh Start with Clear Goals

Gross Gore’s commitment to streaming League of Legends daily on is not just about reclaiming his position in the streaming world; it’s about setting new standards for himself. Eschewing the pursuit of fame and fortune, he aims to become the most respected and well-known player in the EU West region. His approach is grounded in authenticity and a genuine connection with his audience, preferring a small group of dedicated followers over a vast, indifferent viewership.

Overcoming Past Controversies

The journey has not been without its challenges. Gross Gore’s career has been marred by bans, drama, and accusations. However, he is determined to leave this behind, focusing on personal growth and professional development. His return to streaming is accompanied by a promise of family-friendly content, a departure from the controversies that once defined him.

Ambitions in League of Legends

Reaching Grandmaster rank for the first time has fueled Gross Gore’s competitive fire. His ambitions stretch far beyond this achievement, with sights set on becoming Rank 1 in EU West. This goal is not just a personal milestone; it’s a statement of his dedication to mastering League of Legends. Alongside his gameplay ambitions, Gross Gore is exploring opportunities in casting and hosting Discord tournaments, aiming to contribute to the community in diverse ways.

Addressing Security and Legal Challenges

Gross Gore’s past experiences with harassment have led him to take significant steps to protect himself and his career. Hiring a security team and establishing a legal team are measures to ensure that he can focus on streaming and content creation without external threats. These actions reflect his determination to stand up to harassers and safeguard his space in the streaming world.

Personal Growth and Future Plans

Beyond his streaming and gaming goals, Gross Gore reflects on personal growth, emphasizing the importance of connections over material success. His journey has been a learning experience, shaping him into a more focused and mature individual. As he plans for the future, including casting ambitions and a potential collaboration with Riot Games, Gross Gore’s story is one of resilience, redemption, and relentless pursuit of his passions.


Gross Gore’s return to streaming on is more than a comeback; it’s a reinvention. With a clear vision for his future in esports and a commitment to positive change, he is poised to make 2024 a landmark year in his career.

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