ESL One Birmingham 2024: A Premier Dota 2 Showdown in the UK

ESL One Birmingham 2024: A Premier Dota 2 Showdown in the UK

The excitement is palpable as the ESL One Birmingham 2024 is all set to bring electrifying Dota 2 action back to the UK.

Scheduled from April 22-28 at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, this prestigious event not only showcases top-tier gameplay but also offers a rich tapestry of cultural festivities reflecting Birmingham’s vibrant pub culture.

Premier Venue and High Stakes Competition

The Resorts World Arena, known for hosting significant esports events, will once again be the center of attention. The action intensifies in the last three days of the tournament, where the top eight teams will compete live for the championship title and a slice of the hefty $1 million prize pool.

This tournament is crucial for teams aiming to climb the ESL Pro Tour (EPT) Leaderboard, with 22,520 points up for grabs, influencing future tournament invites and positioning for the year’s biggest competitions.

Teams and Qualifiers

Twelve teams have qualified to demonstrate their prowess and battle for the top prize.

Here are some of the contenders:

  • Direct EPT Leaderboard Invites: BetBoom Team, Gaimin Gladiators, Xtreme Gaming, and Team Liquid.
  • Regional Qualifier Winners: Teams such as Team Spirit, OG, Shopify Rebellion, and Talon have shown great skill in their respective regions.
  • Local Favorites: Tundra Esports, representing the UK, alongside other qualified teams like Team Falcons, Heroic, and G2.iG, are also in the mix, adding to the fierce competition.

Fan Experience and Prize Pool Details

Beyond the matches, fans can immerse themselves in various activities that embody the local culture, including a cosplay contest and interactive booths from sponsors. Here’s how the $1 million prize pool breaks down among the competitors:

  • 1st Place: $300,000
  • 2nd Place: $175,000
  • 3rd Place: $120,000
  • 4th Place: $85,000
  • 5th – 6th Place: $57,500 each
  • 7th – 8th Place: $47,500 each
  • 9th – 10th Place: $30,000 each
  • 11th – 12th Place: $25,000 each

Comprehensive Schedule for Group Stages

Here is a detailed look at the group stage matches scheduled to ensure fans don’t miss any of the action:

Monday, April 22, 2024:

Group A

  • Team Falcons 1:1 Shopify Rebellion
  • Team Falcons 1:1 BetBoom Team
  • Shopify Rebellion 1:1 Talon Esports
  • Team Liquid 1:1 Talon Esports
  • G2.iG 2:0 BetBoom Team
  • G2.iG 1:1 Team Liquid

Group B

  • Heroic 2:0 Xtreme Gaming
  • Gaimin Gladiators 1:1 Team Spirit
  • OG 1:1 Tundra Esports
  • Team Spirit 1:1 Heroic
  • Xtreme Gaming 0:2 OG
  • Gaimin Gladiators 0:2 Tundra Esports

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Group B:

  • Heroic 1:1 OG
  • Team Spirit 1:1 Tundra Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators 0:2 Xtreme Gaming
  • Tundra Esports 1:1 Heroic
  • Team Spirit 1:1 Xtreme Gaming
  • Gaimin Gladiators 1:1 OG

Group A:

  • Shopify Rebellion 0:2 BetBoom Team
  • G2.iG 0:2 Talon Esports
  • Team Liquid 1:1 Team Falcons
  • Shopify Rebellion 0:2 Team Liquid
  • G2.iG 1:1 Team Falcons
  • BetBoom Team 2:0 Talon Esports

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Group A Matches

  • Team Liquid 0:1 Team Falcons
  • Team Liquid 0:1 BetBoom Team
  • G2.iG 1:1 Shopify Rebellion
  • BetBoom Team 1:1 Team Liquid
  • Talon Esports 0:2 Team Falcons

Group B Matches

  • Xtreme Gaming 1:0 Team Spirit
  • Tundra Esports 1:0 Heroic
  • Xtreme Gaming 1:0 Heroic
  • Tundra Esports 1:0 Team Spirit
  • Tundra Esports 1:0 Xtreme Gaming
  • Team Spirit 0:1 Heroic
  • Tundra Esports 0:2 Xtreme Gaming
  • OG 1:1 Team Spirit
  • Heroic 0:2 Gaimin Gladiators


The ESL One Birmingham 2024 playoffs have kicked off, bringing together eight of the fiercest esports teams to battle it out after a thrilling group stage. The lineup includes notable teams like BetBoom Team, G2.iG, Heroic, OG, Team Falcons, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, and Xtreme Gaming, all starting with a clean slate in the playoffs.

The playoffs promise intense matches, with each team’s strategy and resilience being crucial to advancing further. Key questions include whether Tundra Esports can maintain their form or if Xtreme Gaming will dominate with their aggressive strategies. Each match is pivotal, with potential for upsets and memorable moments.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Playoffs:

Thursday, April 25, 2024

  • Team Falcons 1:2 Tundra Esports
  • OG 1:2 BetBoom Team

Friday, April 26, 2024

  • Team Liquid 2:1 Heroic
  • G2.iG 2:1 Xtreme Gaming
  • Team Falcons 2:1 Team Liquid

Saturday, April 27, 2024

  • OG 2:0 G2.iG
  • Tundra Esports 0:2 BetBoom Team
  • Team Falcons 2:1 OG

Sunday, April 28, 2024

  • Tundra Esports 0:2 Team Falcons
  • BetBoom Team 0:3 Team Falcons

Team Falcons Clinch Victory at ESL One Birmingham 2024


With a powerful performance, including a critical 3-0 sweep against BetBoom Team, Team Falcons demonstrated why they were the favorites. They overcame an early setback against Tundra Esports, adjusting their tactics to decisively win subsequent matches.

The victory secured Team Falcons a prize of $300,000 from the $1,000,000 total pool, along with 6,400 ESL Pro Tour (EPT) Points, enhancing their standing in the esports league.

With this win, Team Falcons have set a high standard for themselves and their competitors in the esports scene. Their future in competitive gaming looks bright as they continue to build on their success.

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