Esports Integrity Commission Imposes Lifetime Ban on Alexey Shyshko for Match-Fixing and Cheating

Esports Integrity Commission Imposes Lifetime Ban on Alexey Shyshko for Match-Fixing and Cheating

In a groundbreaking move, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has issued its first-ever lifetime ban to Alexey Shyshko, former owner of esports teams Akuma, MAJESTY, and Project X.

This unprecedented sanction comes after a detailed investigation into Shyshko’s involvement in orchestrating match-fixing activities and facilitating cheating in various esports competitions.

The Investigation and Findings

Initiated in June 2021, the ESIC probe into Shyshko’s activities was triggered by suspicious betting patterns and match outcomes linked to his teams. The investigation, encompassing confidential reports, betting data, and expert match analysis, concluded that Shyshko grossly violated the core principles of fairness and integrity in esports.

Notably, Shyshko was found to have orchestrated a match-fixing scheme during a Bulgarian LAN event involving Team Majesty, as well as enabling unauthorized communication methods to give Team Majesty an unfair advantage during the “Time of Bet Cup” event.

The Consequences

Shyshko, who did not contest the charges, accepted the lifetime ban, effectively ending his involvement in any ESIC member events. Additionally, any team or player associated with him is also barred from participation. This stern action by ESIC highlights the severity of the offenses and serves as a potent deterrent against similar unethical conduct in the future.

This case has also led to repercussions for players involved in these unethical activities. Four Ukrainian players, including former Akuma member Dmitriy “⁠SENSEi⁠” Shvorak, received two-year bans, with ESIC noting that further investigations are ongoing.

In an effort to encourage ethical behavior, ESIC has granted immunity to individuals who assisted in the investigation, underscoring its commitment to protecting informants while rooting out corruption.

ESIC’s decisive action in this case reflects its unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of esports. By continuously refining its monitoring and investigative processes and collaborating with teams, players, and organizers, ESIC aims to foster a competitive environment where fair play is the norm.

The commission calls upon all stakeholders in the esports industry to join in this crucial effort.

By collectively championing ethical conduct and respect for the rules, the esports community can strive towards a landscape where competitive excellence and integrity coexist.

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